Frustrated Employees Find an Ear on Digital Job Venting Forums

The news is saturated with stories about employers sleuthing around the Internet for information on potential employees. Facebook, Google, MySpace–nothing is off-limits.

These days, employees are having their go at finding dirt on potential employers. Or trashing them. Internet users–many of them looking for new jobs–have recently been flocking to job rating sites like,, and to either vent or research the personalities behind their potential employers.

I visited, an employee-powered rating site, to find a good example. Google CEO Eric Schmidt appeared at the top of a list of CEOs. His rating? 86%. Below Schmidt’s rating was a detailed description of working at Google, entitled “Google-An Elitist’s Playground.” Some excerpts:

Google fosters a college or academic feel where you never need to leave the campus in order to find sustenance or a respite from the daily grind.

Google pushes a highly “googley” atmosphere, which is something akin to what the Brady Bunch would be like if they lived in communist Russia.

It’s in the company’s best interest to drop the elitist niche/attitude and truly become the people’s company.

Comment: “You forgot to mention…all the hot HR women”

According to these reviewers, Google is Communist, but not the People’s Company. A mystifying insight. Nonetheless, telling.

Most reviews on the sites were frank, if a bit plaintive. A few–for example, the Deloitte review on–looked as though they were written by marketing people. And some, like the Kellogg, Brown & Root (an Iraq defense contractor) review on, were invaluable.

This is a fortunate Web 2.0 development for employees. As few as three years ago, sites like these weren’t nearly as trafficked and developed as they are now. These days, it might be naive to interview for a job without first tempering your political expectations through a couple of these sites.

Have you used one of these sites before interviewing for a job? Did you find it helpful?

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Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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