Funny Job Matching

Even though I prefer business, I still poke around looking for engineering jobs because that's what I'm "trained" to do. So I sent my resume to a large defense contractor that has a local office. I was actually overqualified for the job, but they sent me a note back saying that I wasn't what they were looking for. Then today I get a note that a should apply for a job that matches my skills. Check this out:

Required Skills: Individual must have a minimum of 8 years Air Force Weather (AFW) forecaster operational experience. Individual must thoroughly understand the concept of reengineered weather intelligence support to war fighter customers based on strategic center, operational weather squadron, and weather flight coordination efforts. Individual must be intricately familiar with currently fielded AFW weapon systems used to pull, display, manipulate, create, and push both graphical and alphanumeric weather intelligence forecast products to the war fighter.

What's funny is that my resume contains nothing about weather or the Air Force. On top of that, it isn't anything I expressed an interest in either.

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Having an entrepreneurial stint on my resume has definitely made things interesting. And made it almost impossible to get past the screening processes of the HR department. The one lead I've had so far came from an acquaintance. Maybe if I can't find anything locally I can eventually convince Mrs. Businesspundit to pack up and move to a place where there are more cool companies doing interesting and exciting things.