Futures Down As Oil Falls Below $35 And The Fed Prepares To Meet

Futured down as oil continues to sink

The Dow Jones Industrial Average futures were 64 points lower at 7:25am ET on Monday, or 0.38% to 17112. The S&P 500 futures also fell 7 points, or 0.34% to 1994, while Nasdaq 100 futures dropped 17 points, or 0.36% to 4516.

While those rates were down sharply, US stock index futures remained mostly unchanged on Monday as investors wait for the Federal Reserver to begin its two-day meeting on December 15 to decide the fate of interest rate hikes.


Traders have put the chance of a rate increase at 85% and they expect the target change between 0.25% and 0.50%.  The interest rate is current set at zero.

Global stock markets are skittish ahead of the meeting with China’s yuan hitting a multi-year low and oil sliding to its lowest point in 11 years.

The S&P 500 ended with its worst week since August.


Written by Jeff Springer

Jeff Springer

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