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Small business owners often have to wear many hats to make it in today's competitive environment. Unlike large corporations, they don't have teams of top-level executives on call to provide sound business advice or help during a crisis. Or, do they?

Through the magic of the Internet, there is now a place where the little guy can get business advice and insight from other successful entrepreneurs in the industry, PeerSight, a new business recently launched with the intent of helping entrepreneurs grow their business.

From a company press release: PeerSight is the nation's first e-enabled CEO membership organization for small business. Through a time tested approach, the company offers members regular and confidential access to leaders of other growing, profitable small business – collectively committed to each other's growth and profitability.

PeerSight's approach couples the flexibility and freedom found only in an e-enabled environment with the breadth of advice only available from like-minded entrepreneurs across the country.

The company's e-Advisory Roundtables provide members with bimonthly access to a handpicked peer advisory board via a toll free conference call. Membership includes bi-monthly e-enabled meetings, online tools, and access to world class small business coaches.

"We are excited about the value that PeerSight can deliver to small businesses," says Andrew MacGill of PeerSight. "Roundtable groups, peer advisory boards, mastermind groups, what ever you want to call them have been around for ever but never on a nationwide scale, with this degree of flexibility and at such an attractive price point."

While the strength of the PeerSight program is based on the insight and perspective of the members, each group is led by a professional facilitator with years of experience in leading small business success.

Interested CEOs, Presidents, and Owners of small businesses may participate in PeerSight's Quick Start Program which offers an opportunity to test drive the e-Advisory Roundtables for 2 months (or 4 board meetings) before making a commitment to pay, please visit for information on the Quick Start Program.

For more information, please call 877.361.0499

  • I realise this is an ad placement but have you checked the pricing? It’s in nose bleed territory. And that’s before anyone gets to ‘see’ the content.

  • Rob

    I agree. These sites face the same problem that all business networking groups face – that people ultimately sign up looking for sales leads more than anything else.

  • Hey guys….Steve MacGill of PeerSight here. Thanks for taking the time to review and comment on PeerSight. It is an exciting time for us.

    I am writing to correct a couple of misconceptions that have developed along the way. The first concerns the pricing.

    If you look at all of our major competitors in this space you’ll find that our cost is somewhere between 50% to 60% of the costs typically charged for similar value…..that in fact was one of the improvements to existing models that we addressed in the design of PeerSight.

    Secondly we offer potential members the opportunity to try our service at NO COST for two months in order to become familiar with the content….and the other members of their Peer Advisory Board.

    Lastly I think I speak for most if not all of our members when I say that they are not participating in order to find sales leads. They are a pretty discerning group of small business leaders that could find sales leads at significantly less cost and with wider exposure.

    They join PeerSight for the same reason thousands of small business leaders have joined Peer Advisory Boards on every contintinent for over 100 years. To test their ideas, to be challenged, to increase their perspective and to grow their business 2x to 3x faster than they did before they joined.

    Thanks again for the comments guys.

    Steve MacGill
    Founder PeerSight