Gas prices have fallen below $2 a gallon and heating costs are down

Gas Prices 199

The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline has fallen below $2 for the first time since 2009, according to AAA.

The national average for gas was $1.998 per gallon by Monday afternoon.

The last time gas prices fellow below $2 per gallon was November 2008 until March 2009.

As previously report, lower gas prices have saved the average American driver $550 per year or a total of $115 billion nationwide.

Crude oil is trading below $35 per barrel and oil reserves continue to increase as demand in China has become stagnant due to a collapsing stock market and other international concerns.

Forecasts for average U.S. household spending on heating oil for the 2015-16 winter is $1,282, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Compared to 2012-2013 that a saving of $800 for a family.

It’s still to be seen if lower gas prices and heating savings will send consumers flocking to stores during the holiday shopping season.

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Written by Peter Mondrose

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