German Chancellor Says Volkswagen Must Be Transparent

Volkswagen Cheat Scandal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Volkswagen must act in a “transparent manner” as it deals with an emissions test scandal that has rocked the entire automobile industry.

During her weekly podcast Germany’s chancellor said, “A lot will depend on how Volkswagen deals with the issue.” She adds that VW could recover if it acts transparently and changes its organizational structures so that nothing similar can happen again.

“I believe VW is working on this with all of its power,” she said.

Volkswagen proudly adhere’s to its “Made in Germany” slogan and consistently talks about its German engineering sensibilities.

Nearly six weeks ago the company was found to be falsifying U.S. diesel emissions tests. VW is now under pressure to identify those responsible for the cheat devices, while fixing upward of 11 million affected vehicles, and simultaneously convincing regulators, investors and customers that the company can still be trusted moving forward.


Early estimates place the cost of the scandal at $33 billion. That money will be used to pay fines, issue recalls for hardware and software upgrades, and likely to pay for lawsuits brought by Volkswagen vehicle owners who feel duped by the company’s lies.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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