Germany Will Begin Road Testing Diesel Engines From Foreign Manufacturers

Volkwagen scandal and German international car testing

Officials in Germany are testing the vehicles of foreign vehicle manufacturers to ensure they are also not cheating on diesel engine emissions tests.

The additional scrutiny arrives seven weeks after popular German automobile maker Volkswagen, admitted to cheating on emissions tests.

Volkswagen on Tuesday said it had understated the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of nearly 800,000 vehicles sold in Europe.

“We are currently carrying out strict checks on diesel vehicles from other manufacturers including foreign ones,” Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt told the Bild daily in an interview published on Saturday.

Dobrindt said the European Union was working on tougher car emissions tests for the future which will extend to the lab and real world road tests.

“The tests will become more strict and will more closely resemble the normal driving behavior in road traffic,” he told the newspaper.

No further details were made available at this time.

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