Missing Money? This Website Might Show You Where it Is


MissingMoney.com, a website operated by Boston-based ACS Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse, has Internet users in a frenzy to find money they might not know they lost. According to the Gaffney Ledger:

(note: This isn’t an ad post, just something to describe the biggest money-related online phenomenon I’ve seen in weeks)

Missingmoney.com and other similar Web sites are reuniting owners with unclaimed property and forgotten assets. Providing the person’s last known address, as well as the particular company and how much it owes, the detailed database is being used to link owners with their property in more than 40 states and Puerto Rico. The site assists owners in finding lost assets from bank accounts, stock certificates, checks, insurance policies and utility deposits.

One site user relays the story of getting $200 off the site. “I recently looked on there and found that my aunt was owed money,” Ellis said. “People may find the extra money that they need. I would suggest it to anybody.”

People may get money back from banks, utilities companies, insurance companies, state government, real estate, utilities companies, and a number of big organizations with a tendency to swallow extra money.

I’ve been owed $35 by an insurance giant United Health for years, but wavered about going through the lengthy hoops to get it back. My case is common, it turns out, and ACS (which makes money off extra or premium services while offering public information for free on its website) knows how to draw in traffic because of it.

As of writing, I haven’t been able to access a non-cached version of the website, because it’s been so explosively popular online. The message? People need money.

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Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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