Girl Scout Cookies For $5 Per Box? No Thanks

Girl Scout Cookies Price Increase

If you still want Girl Scout thin mints you can expect to pay $5 per box.

An increasing number of Girl scout troops throughout the United States are raising prices from $4 to $5 per box — a 25% increase.

Troops in eastern Massachusetts plan to raise their cookie prices for the first time in eight years when sales begin on December 11.

That price increase followed two California Girl Scout councils who made the same decision earlier this year.

The increase will raise profits to $0.90 per box, up from a $0.62 when the boxes were $4, according to Patricia Parcellin, President of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts.

Parcellin tells CNNMoney that the price increase shouldn’t hurt demand. “I believe that people who buy girl scouts cookies are supporting girls because they believe in girls learning these essential skills,”

The Girl Scout councils say the price increase is necessary because of higher ingredient costs, higher transportation costs, and higher storage costs.

Not ready to pay $5 per box?

Try the Keebler Coconut Dreams cookies instead of the Girl Scout Caramel deLites or Samoas. You will receive more cookies for a lower price.

Keebler Coconut Dreams

The Girl Scouts of America are made up of 112 local councils and each of those groups are allowed to determine prices on their own.

Written by Peter Mondrose

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