GM CEO Mary Barra receives a 77% bump in her pay package

Mary Barra huge CEO Pay increase

It was a great 2015 for General Motors and CEO Mary Barra and record sales have converted to a 77% bump in the CEO’s pay package.

Her total pay for 2015 reached $28.6 million, up from $16.2 million she received in 2014, according to a GM filing released on Friday.

Most of her additional pay was thanks to $11.2 million in stock options she received last year. There were no stock options in her 2014 package.

Barra’s base pay also increased by 12% to $1.8 million and her incentive cash pay jumped nearly 50% to $3.1 million. Her stock grant grew 2% to $12 million.

In comparison, Ford CEO Mark Fields received $18.6 million in 2015, down 2% from the year prior.

Sergio Marchionne received about $11 million as CEO of Fiat Chrysler.

Barra is the first woman to lead a major US automaker, accepting the job in January 2014.

Barra was heralded for her ability to swiftly deal with the company’s ignition switch controversy which was revealed just as she took over the top spot at the company.

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Barra quickly apologized to victims and their families and set up both an outside investigation that led to firings and a compensation fund for victims.

In 2015, the automaker reported its largest profit in its 107-year history.

US car sales across the board hit record levels in 2015 as buyers flocked back to car buying 7 years following the great recession.

Written by John Howard

John Howard

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