GM Plant Closing List: Ohio, Michigan Hit Hard


General Motors announced a plant closing list this morning as part of its 2009 bankruptcy filing. I couldn’t find official list, but summed up the plants described in this CNN article, which said 17 GM plants will be closed or idled to cut labor costs:

Wilmington, DE assembly plantcloses in July
Pontiac, MI pickup truck plantcloses in October
Assembly plants in Spring Hill, TN and Orion, MIwill end production in fall and remain on idle in case production needs pick up again
Powertrain plants in Livonia, Ypsilanti Township, Willow Run, and Flint, MI; Fredericksburg, VA; and Parma, OHwill end production in December 2010 and go into idle mode
Stamping plants in Pontiac, MI.; Indianapolis; and Mansfield, Ohiowill close in December 2010 (idle), December 2011, and June 2010, respectively.
Service and part warehouses in Columbus, OH, Jacksonville, FL, and Bostonwill close by December 2009

According to the New York Times,

How to Help Investors Choose to Invest In Your Business

(GM CEO Frederick) Henderson says in the filing, G.M.’s only hope of avoiding liquidation is through the sale of the company to an entity backed by the United States government.

“There is no other sale, or even other potential purchasers, present or on the horizon,” the affidavit said.

Looks like Government Motors has officially arrived.


    why are all these plants in the US none listed in other countries. We the us bailed them out CLOSE THE OUT OF COUNTRY PLANTS. THE GOVERNMENT IS NOW SUPPOSED TO OWN 75% OF THEM SO MUCH FOR OUR GOVERNMENT BUY AMERICAN

  • marbee

    The auto workers would like for American’s to BUY American cars. The UAW tells their workforce to vote Democrat. How is that Democrat controlled uniony thing working for their jobs? The union does not sign their paychecks, a company does! Union dues do not stay local, they just fill the fat cats pockets in Washington. Until the unions stop killing their own members jobs, I will NOT buy an American made car!