GM recalls 1 million pickup trucks around the world

2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Recall

General Motors on Friday announced the recall of 1.04 million newer model pickup trucks for a seat belt flaw.

The largest US recalled the 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra 1500 pickups.

The vehicles have not been associated with any crashes or injuries at this time.

GM said the cost of the large recall “is not expected to be significant and is covered within normal and customary warranty reserves.”

GM said the recall in the United States includes 895,232 vehicles and a stop-sale of approximately 3,000 new 2014 and 2015 model year pickups still on dealer lots.

The recall was issued after tests showed that the flexible steel cable that connects the seat belt to the vehicle can separate over time as a result of the driver repeatedly bending the cable when entering the seat.

To fix the issue GM dealers will enlarge the side shield opening, install a bracket on the tensioner, and if necessary, replace the tensioner assembly.

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Approximately 142,000 vehicles outside the United States are included in this recall.

Written by John Howard

John Howard

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