GM Recalls 1.49 Million Vehicles

Image: Merritt Fire Rescue Dept.
Image: Merritt Fire Rescue Dept.

GM is recalling 1,497,516 vehicles because of oil leaks that may cause engine fires. Reuters has more:

General Motors Corp is recalling nearly 1.5 million Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac mid-sized cars due to a potential leak of engine oil that could cause an engine fire.

The recall applies to the 1997-2003 Buick Regal; 1998-2003 Chevrolet Lumina, Monte Carlo and Impala; 1998-99 Oldsmobile Intrigue; and 1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix, GM said in a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

A total of 1,497,516 vehicles, all equipped with a 3.8 liter engine, are involved in the recall.

The recall comes at a bad time for GM. Ideally, they will turn the situation around by touting better engineering in their upcoming models.

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  • rhao

    Isn’t that car a Honda?

  • Drea

    You’re right–it is. I didn’t notice that. From a distance, I thought it looked a little like an old Buick. I bet that Honda didn’t catch fire from a faulty part…

  • hola! I have a 2005 aveo it is using oil no leaks; RUNNING GOOD NO SIGNS OF SMOKE CAN U HELP THANKS