God Blesses Jerusalem.com for $750,000


This has to be my favorite story all summer. The holy city went online this month. Jerusalem.com seeks to become the virtual gateway to religious, historic, and modern-day Jerusalem. They hope to bring ‘the Jerusalem experience to anyone in the world’.

In addition to getting information about the many faces of Jerusalem (including religion – duh, but also Real Estate and Shopping!), visitors can actually submit vocal prayers that are being heard in real speakers overlooking the old city of Jerusalem. The angels over at Jerusalem.com report that hundreds of prayers have already been submitted from more than 72 different countries.

Other services includes lighting candles at Jerusalem’s holy places, planting olive trees in the city surroundings and exporting the different religious calendars to your outlook. Another important hub on the site is the tourism & culture channel, which offers the most updated and comprehensive information about modern-day Jerusalem, with full guides for the city hotels, restaurants, events, attractions and more.

And more – like Bruno, who is featured on the homepage. Classy.

Michael Weiss, the site’s Founder calls the site one “that belongs to every friend of Jerusalem throughout the world who wishes to interact with the city and feels as closest as possible to physical Jerusalem”.

And at $750,000, Jerusalem.com is the most expensive domain ever bought in Israel. 

Image Credit: Jerusalem.com screenshot