Gold. Gold. Gold. Invest in Gold.

Gold Prices are up and so is trading volume in 2016

Investors are flocking to gold as the global market continues to experience increasing amounts of turmoil.

Physical gold prices are up 16% in 2015 and the Gold Shares exchanged-traded fund is up nearly 13%.

Gold as an investment increased by 8% in 2015 and those investments appear to be accelerating in 2016.

54 tonnes of gold was purchased in January by ETFs. In comparison, 133 tonnes were traded over all of 2015.

In 2014 ETFs sold off 185 tonnes of the metal.

With trading activities increasing, Gold is now trading at about $1,240 an announce, a price level it hasn’t reached in nearly eight months.

Gold is continue to increase in value as oil trades at a 13-year-low, dipping below $27 a barrel on Thursday.

While Gold was flat in 2015, it picked up towards the end of the year as investors in China increased demand by 25% following a collapse in many segments of the Chinese markets.

Gold isn’t the only big investment gaining attention among investors. Many market experts are flocking towards cash, even as it earns near historical low amounts of interest.

Written by Jeff Springer

Jeff Springer

Jeff Spring is the Finance & Markets Editor at He's currently spending his days backpacking across Europe. While he may be living outside of the United States, he stays connected to American financial markets and M&A's more than is probably healthy for any single person. His love of a good book and a Bloomberg terminal can't be understated.