Good Management Contributes Value to Society

Pascale has learned, among other things,, the value of good management.

I learned that most managers suck. It never fails to amaze me how rare good management is. If you are a good manager (in any field), you are performing an incredibly valuable service to society.

I love to hear people say things like this. I get in plenty of debates at work or social gatherings and people criticize me for "supporting big business" or "supporting too much capitalism." But it's not like that, really.

To me, business is like any other thing in this world, most people do it poorly, but a few really shine. Those who do the right thing are laughed at by those who have spent years doing the wrong thing and can't see it. That is part of why I have this blog, because to me, business is like art, and I love to see a good business the way some people love to see a Van Gogh or Dali or whatever.

People who don't play by the rules, who rip off customers, who manipulate earnings, who provide poor customer service, who reward mediocre CEOs with lavish pay packages, who don't look out for shareholders, who don't look out for employees, etc. etc. aren't real business people. Cheating is not capitalism. Looking to the government to bail you out of your bad business decisions is not capitalism. Counting on your connections in Washington instead of your business acumen, quality products, or great service to land a contract is not capitalism. False manipulative advertising is not capitalism.

True capitalists don't want handouts, they want to make it on their own merits. Good businesspeople realize that paying employees more can actually boost shareholder return. Smart managers know that a concern for the environmental aspects of a business can actually reduce waste and thus help keep costs down. A really well run business does have a good social impact. That is what I support. That is what I believe.

Good managers and good business really can make the world a better place. And I love to hear people say that.

Thanks to Jay Solo for the link.