Google Becomes The World’s Most Valuable Brand


$66.43 billion dollars. That is how much the Google brand is worth according to a new study of the top 100 brands. There are only a handful of web companies on the list, which tells me that despite the rock-star status of web startups by the media, they haven't really permeated the consciousness of the average consumer.

  • Good catch (“despite the rock-star status of web startups by the media, they haven’t really permeated the consciousness of the average consumer). But I have another… do you remember when The Gap was a top brand? Their “top brand-ness” didn’t help the financials much when the execution slipped.

  • Jason

    Actually, for an interesting approach to making the intangible tangible, you should take a look at what Sears is doing – they’re securitizing their brands, in effect “selling them off” to a third party and leasing them back. It would be interesting to see if Google could net $66.43 Billion.

  • Rob

    Good point. Gap had rockstar status not long ago.

    Scroll down a few posts. I wrote about that last week.

  • I agree with Laurence, management and the their policy execution is main reason to sustain brand, company in market as leader or “rockstar” status, but here i like to add some more points to google’s policies to become word of mouth whoever use internet.

    First: Unique idea, google came up with totally new technology and it able to spread it and make people believe that the technique they brought is better then the previous.

    Second: Innovative-Initiative, google being like an eccentric scientist who always scares people with their unusual invention, but the popularity of these innovations make google to reach every one on internet and home.

    All in all google make believe us that he is the who is taking care of our growing technology and innovative way of work which make our work and way of work more simple ever.