Google CEO Sundar Pichai was paid $100 million last year

Sundar Pichai 100 million dollars

Google CEO Sundar Pichai earned $100 million last year. If you’re keeping count that’s 100 million times more than the company’s last CEO.

That’s because Google co-founder Larry Page was serving for years as CEO and he was taking a salary of just $1 annually.

Google paid Pichai a salary of $625,500 and awarded him $100 million in company stock.

Google’s compensation committee said it was “in recognition of his performance and increased responsibilities.”

Pichai’s stock award was granted in January 2015, before he was named CEO and was considered because of his promotion to Google’s product chief in 2014.

Pichai was promoted to CEO in August 2015.

Three months ago Pichai was awarded $209 million in stock granted every other year. To claim that windfall he has to stay at Google for four years after each grant to cash them out.

During his time at Google Sundar Pichai has been awarded a total of $489 million in stock options. His awards include $335.7 million in stock in 2014 and $77.7 million in 2013.

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In a regulatory filing, Google says it “believes that this level of compensation is representative of his value and the opportunities available to him outside of Alphabet.”

Pichai has been a superstar at Google since joining the company in 2004. He helped build the once popular Google toolbar and moved on to develop the Google Chrome Web browser.

became vice president, then senior vice president in 2013 when he added Android to his growing portfolio of Google successes.

Also at the top of executive compensation in 2015 was CFO Ruth Porat with a $31 million payment and chairman Eric Schmidt who took home $8 million.

Former CFO Patrick Pichette took home $56.5 million and former chief business officer Omid Kordestani made $16.9 million after cashing out at the company.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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