Google CEO Sundar Pichai stands beside Apple’s FBI decision

Sundar Pichai defends Tim Cook in FBI decision

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has stood up in support of Apple CEO Tim Cook in his fight against the FBI.

The bureau has asked Apple to create a backdoor into its iPhone devices. The court request arrived as the FBI was attempting to unlock an iPhone owned by the San Bernardino shooters.

While acknowledging law enforcement faces “significant challenges” to protect the public, Pichai voiced his support for Apple CEO Tim Cook in a series of tweets.

“Forcing companies to enable hacking could compromise users’ privacy,” Pichai said. Here are his tweets in support of Tim Cook.

While Pichai says Google will hand over user info on valid legal orders, he also acknowledges that asking a company to hack devices is a completely different ball game.

Cook warned that complying would entail building “a backdoor to the iPhone” — “something we consider too dangerous to create.”

Ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden is also speaking out against the FBI.

“The FBI is creating a world where citizens rely on Apple to defend their rights, rather than the other way around,” Snowden tweeted.

Snowden was recently critical of Google’s silence.

“This is the most important tech case in a decade. Silence means @google picked a side, but it’s not the public’s,” Snowden tweeted.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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