Google Embedded in CellPhones

So Google will be on your cell phone pretty soon. You can search from anywhere. (I thought VoiceXML would make this a reality first). This news raises an interesting strategic question, in my mind. Why have other search engines not focused on these kinds of opportunities? It seems they are determined to beat Google by providing better search results (or attempting to, at least). There may be better ways, like cutting deals to get their search functionality put in places where none currently exists.

How to Write a Vision Statement
  • Rob, You raise an interesting question. It is quite strange that none of the other search engines have cultivated such alliances when, Yahoo and MSN have cultivated alliances with numerous content providers (such as channel 9 and msn in Australia forming nine msn). This strategic behaviour is not new, Microsoft has been following this type of strategy since it’s inception (ms dos on IBM machines). Does this mean Motorola phones will become the quiz show contestants phone of choose….Ah Eddie I think I’ll use a life line and Google a friend.