Google Glass Is Coming To A Workplace Near You

Google Glass Enterprise Edition

Google Glass wasn’t a project that the search giant ditched, although it sure sounded like it less than more than one year ago. Instead, the company put its consumer version on hold, instead choosing to focus on commercial applications.

Google Glass was deployed successfully by a Calfornia Solar Panel company in 2013, when it used the technology to help technicians in the field. Now the company is hoping to provide extra support to hospital, factory, and other active field-based workers.


The Google Glass Enterprise Edition is expected to look much like the original, but with a bigger design that houses a faster processor.

According to 9to5Google, the device will look much like the original but with a new hinge. It is also being designed so it can attach to different glasses.

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition is being overseen by the company’s Nest division and Tony Fadell.

Google is expected to bring the Enterprises Edition to market in Fall 2015.