Google Is Facing Another U.S. Antitrust Accusation From The FTC

Google Antitrust in the United States

Google is facing its second antitrust challenge in the United States.

Bloomberg has reported that the Federal Trade Commission will lead the investigation to determine whether Google hurt competition by limiting competitor’s access to Android.

Two years ago, the FTC investigated Google’s search business and decided that Google was not in violation of antitrust rules.


The search giant is no stranger to antitrust claims, in early 2015 the European Commission filed a formal antitrust case against Google’s search business. It also opened its own inquiry into whether Google was abusing Android’s power by forcing manufacturers to accept unfavorable terms. Google is also accused of abusing its own influence over the smartphone market by bundling its own apps into the Android OS.

U.S. officials from the Federal Trade Commission are expected to examine the same type of concerns Google is facing in Europe.


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