Google is showing presidential campaign finance information in search results

Google New Campaign Finance

Google is now showing presidential campaign finance information in its search results. The company already added some features that let internet users track the primaries and dive into important issues. Google announced the new features on Tuesday.

Google announced the new features on Tuesday, noting in a blog post that finding campaign finance information can be difficult, if not impossible. The company decided to change that with help from the Center for Responsive Politics, which it called “one of the most respected data sources in the industry.”

Internet users can now see a snapshot of a campaign’s finance information if they search for “Clinton campaign finance” or “Donald Trump.” From there, users can dig into insights, including the percentage of funds from individual donors and SuperPACs, as well as which industries have donated the most to a given candidate.

Along with finance information, Google has also added candidate search trends. When someone searches for a given candidate, they can now see how others have searched for them, as well as their opponents, over time.

The launch of these new features follows Google’s trend toward adding more election-related features to its search engine. The company began the rollout in February with a tool that offers quick and easy access to a candidate’s policies and stances on topics like gun control, immigration, education, and the economy.

Google believes that these efforts are important because the search engine tends to be users’ first stop when looking up information about candidates. Instead of searching through several websites, users can now look at campaign finance information, issues that a certain candidate supports, and primary election results right on the Google search results page.

The new campaign finance search feature is available through Google now.

Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

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