Google is testing a way to download apps without the Play Store

Google Play

Google Android users may soon be able to download mobile apps without first entering the Google Play Store or any other app store for that matter.

Google is testing a new download method that allows users to Google an app the are interested in, and then start downloading it right from the search results.

The new option is still being tested and only works through the Google app at this point, not Chrome.

Not everyone has access to the new feature, but Google’s search results has begun rolling out to some users, according to AndroidPolice.

To find out if you have access to the beta feature simply search for an app, tap on the result, and a card will appear prompting you to download theĀ mobile software.

While the integrated search and download feature adds a new layer of convenience for users, there are questions about the security of such a platform.

Google’s Android platform has been plagued with malware attacks over the years and side-loading apps could lead to further complications if customers start to avoid the Google Play storeĀ all together.

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Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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