Google may release ‘Android list of shame’ to urge faster updates from partners

Google Android shame list

The biggest problem with the Google Android OS is the speed at which some Android handset manufacturers released updates.

Now the company is thinking about releasing a “list if shame” that would urge manufacturers to more quickly update major security flaws, according to a report in Bloomberg.handsets its manufacturing partners update, and when, it is apparently considering some unconventional methods for encouraging more timely, and more inclusive, upgrades.

Google has almost no control over which handsets its manufacturing partners update. The shame list could end up hurting sales for handset manufacturers, which may encourage them to issue more timely, and more inclusive, upgrades.

The public shaming list is reportedly already circulating privately, which ranks manufacturers based on their updating proficiency.

The public list could encourage Android handset manufacturers to more quickly issue updates in order to rank above their competitors.

If there’s one thing we know works in business, it’s the possibility that a company’s bottom line can be hurt by something they can seemingly fix quickly.

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The report from Bloomberg doesn’t say when Google’s public shaming list will be released for Android manufacturers. There’s a good chance the search giant released this information to encourage better adoption ahead of any public shaming.

Perhaps with this new list being released to the public we will finally have a better solution that fights against Android malware attacks.

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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