Google Settles Back Into China, “Business as Usual”


One week after threatening to pull out of China after a cyber-attack, Google is back to “business as usual” in the country. The Sydney Morning Herald has more:

“We gave our employees a holiday the day of the announcement so that we could run tests and scans internally to ensure that the network is safe and secure,” Google said in an emailed reply to AFP inquiries. “Google China employees are now back at work and it’s business as usual.”

Last week, the Beijing News reported that Google China engineers no longer had access to the company’s global database and could no longer work, citing unnamed sources within the company. Google has said it is no longer willing to bow to the communist country’s army of Internet censors by filtering search results available on, but is still seeking talks with the Chinese government on a solution.

The United States has asked for an explanation from Beijing, and the State Department said Friday that a formal request would be made “in the coming days”.

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Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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