Google Settles Back Into China, “Business as Usual”


One week after threatening to pull out of China after a cyber-attack, Google is back to “business as usual” in the country. The Sydney Morning Herald has more:

“We gave our employees a holiday the day of the announcement so that we could run tests and scans internally to ensure that the network is safe and secure,” Google said in an emailed reply to AFP inquiries. “Google China employees are now back at work and it’s business as usual.”

Last week, the Beijing News reported that Google China engineers no longer had access to the company’s global database and could no longer work, citing unnamed sources within the company. Google has said it is no longer willing to bow to the communist country’s army of Internet censors by filtering search results available on, but is still seeking talks with the Chinese government on a solution.

The United States has asked for an explanation from Beijing, and the State Department said Friday that a formal request would be made “in the coming days”.

  • Alan

    Nothing reminds us more of our growing dependence on, and fear of, China than the absolute futility of our protestations regarding recurring systematic attacks on our intellectual property and the PRC’s maddening disregard of the most basic of human rights. As the economic effects of “neo-Liberal greed-driven Global Capitalism” continue to destabilize The West and turn China into our adversarial banker, we will continue to watch helplessly as the Free World is mortgaged to an increasinglh ambitious totalitarian state. In the 1960’s & 70’s the Russians said “we will bury you”, but in the 2010’s & 20’s the Chinese are thinking “you will bury yourself and we will sell you the shovel (and loan you the money to buy it)”. Bravo to the President of Iceland for subjecting the repayment of massive banking debts incurred by a small group of special interests to a referendum of ALL the country’s taxpayers who will get stuck with the bill. And bravo to President Obama for attempting to tax & regulate our Wall Street Masters of Greed, the special interest group that almost took down the entire World Economy. Maybe now we have a clue why the World started to hate us, and maybe now we can institute “Change We Can Believe In”. When you have to go begging to China for money to stave off national bankruptcy, then maybe it’s time to rethink how we conduct our trade policies and ask “why are we allowing this to happen?” What special interests are served by the mortgaging & dismemberment of our national economic infrastructure and its tranfer to an authoritarian state? So, of course it’s “back to business as usual” – don’t you get it yet?

  • Alan

    Huh!??! Not a single reply from all those business pundits out there. Guess they’re all too afraid to offend their Chinese masters. So, I guess THIS is the New World Order that you’ve all been talking about. Good luck with that…