Google X gets a new logo and a new name

Google X is now just called X

Alphabet has given Google X a new logo and changed the subsidiaries name completely.

Google X will now be known simply as “X” and its new logo is now represented by a 3D yellow X that looks like something that belongs in a modern art gallery.

X is the division of Google that works on “moonshots,” or big bets on technology that could take off and reinvent the company over time.

X is tasked with solving some of the world’s biggest problems using experimental innovations that may or may not pay off down the road.

Google X has been responsible for Wi-Fi balloons, drones, driverless cars, and other projects. Google’s acquisition of robotics firm Boston Dynamics was also folded into X.

Alphabet chose to completely separate X from Google last year.

For the first time ever next month, Alphabet will break out the finances of each of its different companies.

Alphabet is expected to report its quarterly financial statement on February 1.

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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