Google’s Investments in the Future

We know Google as our search engine. As our source of information. When we have a question, we go to google.

The other day my 4 year old son was asking me about hornets. I said “let’s go look on the computer” which basically meant “let’s go search on google” – that’s how I answer my son’s curious questions about 90% of the time. Too bad they don’t have a philosophical engine yet… you know the one that spits out the answer to those tough unanswerable questions that 4 year olds seem to be experts at asking. Someday.

Speaking of somedays, here’s a fun infographic that takes a look at where the Big Giant has been investing its money. The best companies have long-term strategies in place. And the only way to measure their priorities is to take a look at where they are putting their money. Here are some ways Google’s been investing its money. From Space travel and clean energy to online video and couponing, you can start to get a picture of their goals.

Google Casts a Wide Net

Personally, I’ve come to believe that Google is aggressively looking to go 3D. To basically let you search and navigate the world with Google as your guide. While this infographic doesn’t address it, look at the new Google Glasses and also the desire to do 3D image mapping. It’s not a far stretch of the imagination to see us walking in a Google generated world, with Google ads placed as we navigate. That’s my two cents on a trillion dollar business opportunity.

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