Google’s Nexus 7 Proves Big Demand for Smaller Tablets

Sales of Google’s Nexus 7 have so far exceeded expectations and there is no sign of demand letting up. High demand for the 16GB model resulted in a temporary shortage of devices, with Google even pulling the model from its online store for a short term. Some are projecting 6-8 million units sold by the end of 2012.

All this despite Google’s notoriously poor marketing of its own products. In other words… it’s the quality of the device itself, and the flood of positive reviews, that are creating such high demand.

What this points to is the idea that the 7 inch tablet may be the culmination of devices. Some have even speculated that Google Nexus 7 is very close to being the only device a person would need. The main thing missing at the moment is 4g service. But expect future models to correct this issue.

The 7 inch tablet, at least at these early days for the 7 inch form factor, could prove to be the standard sized device that people carry around with them. Sure, it’s not as small as your tiny little smartphone. But is small really the preferred size? With each new generation, more and more people are choosing “text before talk” as their default form of communication. And if that’s the case, a well sized, smoothly operating tablet, may be the perfect solution. If the average smartphone user spends significantly more time on Facebook and texting than they do talking, expect the smartphone of the future to be a lot like the Google Nexus 7.

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