Graco, Simplicity: Major Crib Recall

Image: CPSC

Thousands of Graco and Simplicity cribs have been recalled for suffocation and strangulation risk.

Simplicity, which is now out of business, has been linked 13 deaths, according to CBS News. Almost all of the company’s cribs have been recalled at this point. The Consumer Product Safety Commission urges people not to resell or give away their Simplicity cribs–they’re too dangerous. In other words, if you see a Simplicity-branded crib, take an ax to it or run the other direction. CBS has more:

In the case of the Graco-branded wood cribs, the side that moves up and down – the dropside – can break or detach, creating a dangerous gap between the crib mattress and dropped side. A baby can become trapped and suffocate or strangle. CPSC and LaJobi have received 99 complaints of dropside problems with the cribs. None involved serious injuries.

The Simplicity recall is for all full-sized cribs with tubular metal mattress-support frames. Those frames can bend or detach, causing the mattress to collapse and creating a space that a baby can roll into, become trapped in and suffocate.

A massive number of crib recalls that have taken place during the past year or so. You practically have to be a scientist to find a crib that won’t maim your baby. has a good list of tips for buying a crib that’s safe for your child. The measuring and inspection described in that list should be mandatory before buying a crib. It’s not worth making the mistake of trusting the wrong brand.

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