Does Your Congressperson Deserve an F?

zzgradegov is a new website that lets you grade members of Congress with a letter grade from A through F. From Politico:

After 26 years spent working for the Senate, Elizabeth Letchworth knows a thing or two about Congress — including how much of a bubble it can be.

Now off Capitol Hill, Letchworth is poised to launch a new website next week that aims to keep members in touch with the rest of the country. will allow users to give individual members a letter grade, A through F. The site will display each lawmaker’s average, as well as breakdowns by political party and by grades sent by voters who actually live in a member’s district.

“The more and more pundits you have, [and] it seems like everybody now does a poll, it seems like we’ve lost the American public’s ability to just say it in their own words,” said Letchworth, who worked for the Senate from 1975 to 2001, rising from a page to become the first woman Republican secretary of the Senate, an elected officer of the chamber.

The site’s tagline: “They work for you. Remind them.”

According to the site, quite a few members of Congress are on their way to being flunkies. And for business-minded people–the site still has a lot of empty ad space…

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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