Great Customer Service at Bed Bath and Beyond

Some friends of mine, let's call them Jack and Dianne, sent me an email about their experience at Bed Bath and Beyond, which was so pleasant, it surprised them.

Dianne & I registered for two sets of queen sized sheets & a mattress pad for our wedding, figuring that eventually we would get a queen size bed (we've had a full). So, we finally went out this weekend and bought a queen size bed. But, the bed that we bought was 15" thick, and the sheets & mattress pad were only designed for 14" thick mattresses. The sheets & mattress pad had never been opened, so we took them back to Bed Bath & Beyond. I told the person there that we had received the sheets as a gift, but wanted to exchange them for ones that would fit our new mattress, and also told her that we didn't have a gift receipt. I did neglect to tell her that we received them as a gift in August '03… Anyway, they took everything back, and gave us a store credit for the full price (~$250, not even taking into account any 20% coupons that may have been used to purchase them). So, we went and picked up a new mattress pad and a new set of sheets.

We took them home, and decided to wash them before we used them. When we were making the bed, we noticed that there was something like chocolate/caramel all over the sheets & mattress pad. It had made it through the washer & dryer, and was now caked on the sheets & pad. We checked our previous loads of laundry to make sure it wasn't in there before, and everything else was clean (not surprising since we don't eat that many things with chocolate & caramel…and if we did, it certainly wouldn't last long enough to make it to our pockets!). The mattress pad came in a zippered bag, so I'm guessing that another customer/disgruntled employee had stuck a piece of candy or something in there, which subsequently made it into our wash. We started picking off the stuff, but found that there was a residue/stain that was left behind. It wasn't terrible, but there was a lot of this stuff on everything. We really didn't want to wash them again, since we didn't know what that would do to it. So, we took them back to BB&B, and explained the situation. I realize that since the sheets & mattress pad were technically in good condition when we left the store the first time, they were under no obligation to take them back. But, once again, they said no problem, and we made an even exchange for everything. If they hadn't been as accomodating, I might have decided to take my business to Linen's 'n Things, which I don't like as much. But given that they've been so accomodating, I would definitely go back to BB&B (which is probably good for them since we are still decorating our house…)

So the store eats the cost of a set of sheets, and in return Jack and Dianne spend a lot of money there over the next few years buying things for their house. They will probably make more off the future sales from these satisfied customers than they would have saved from refusing to take the sheets back. Some companies just don't see why good customer service makes sense. Kudos to BB&B for doing their best.

Update: Is this great customer service? Some people disagree.

  • Velma Watkins

    I was in the Falls Church store athe Crossrosd Ctr last night and one of your department Mr. John Hardy was exceptionally helpful. He knew the location of all the merchadize was quite personalbe and provided excellent assistnce in helping me with my long list that I needed to purchase. He is an exceptional employee.

  • Peggy Cisneros

    I was in your store on Concord Pike in Wilmington,Delaware on 4/17/10.This was my first time in your store.I was looking for a gift for my sister-in-laws bridal shower.There was so much to choose from, an employee by the name of Shannon, asked if she could help me find something.She was very polite,and knowledgeable and had great customer service skills.The gift that I had purchased for my sister-in-law, she loved.I live about 40 minutes from this store,but I will continue to shop here , because of the variety of items that you carry and the customer service that I was given by Shannon. She is truly an asset to your company. A very Satisfied Customer!

  • Krista

    I would love to say that this is the standard at Bed Bath & Beyond, however I had the exact opposite situation occur recently when I visited my local BB&B. I went in to buy a set of Cal King sheets. Turns out that they don’t carry Cal king in the store. So I approached a customer service associate and asked if they could order them for me so that I could use my 20% coupon and avoid shipping costs. The associate began looking up the item on the computer. After several minutes she said that she could not find the item, but if I wanted to go home and find the item number I could drive back to the store and they would order it. Pressed for time, I left the store and decided I would call the 1-800 number. When I got home, I did so only to spend a good hour discussing with the customer service rep and her supervisor that I needed the item ordered with free shipping and the 20% off. Long story short, they told me that I could either drive back to the store to get my 20% off (wasting my gas) or they could file a formal complaint against the store and corporate would decided if they could issue me the 20% off (time consuming). Frustrated by the idea that BB&B thought this was appropriate customer service, I contacted customer service via email, explaining the whole situation and asking that someone contact me with a resolution and some sort of compensation for my time that was wasted dealing with a problem that shouldn’t have even been an issue in the first place (i.e. a gift card, store credit, comp the order). They contacted me back, offering the original 20% off and their “sincere apology”. In the end, I spoke with 2 customer service reps, 2 supervisors, and the store manager who did not seem phased at the idea that I no longer wanted to shop at BB&B all over a $40 order. I honestly wasn’t trying to be a jerk, but the whole situation seemed completely ridiculous and unnecessary. At every turn they just kept saying, “Sorry but…” So though BB&B might get it right sometimes, it’s certainly not a corporate standard.