Green Advertecture the Latest in Sustainable Advertising

Blogger Andrew Fine has uncovered a piece of green advertecture: A 1,000-square foot wall on the side of Pure Yoga on 86th Street in New York.

They call it a “living wall”, and it is indeed alive. The wall is watered by a computerized irrigation system and trimmed every couple of weeks. While I’m sure it’s not cheap to build and maintain a living wall, Pure Yoga seems to have come up with a great marketing ploy. The wall does not go unnoticed, someone seems to be taking a picture of it every minute. The plants will be changed in the fall to a heartier variety that can handle the NY winter.

Apparently, people have planted living billboards and walls in other spaces around the world, like this one in France. Or these, from all over the world.

Green has gone literal. Living walls as a trend hit a crucial need people have to see advertising that, rather than being loud and bright, appeals to their more subtle sensibilities. If I saw a local retailer with a green wall, I’d assume they care enough about sustainability to water their wall on a regular basis. That alone would intrigue me enough to compel a visit.

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Up next? The living computer.

(Image from A Fine Blog)

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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