Gun sales in America are growing at massive rates

Smith and Wesson record gun sales

The San Bernardino mass shooting sent gun sales soaring at Smith & Wesson.

The gunmaker has reported an increase of 61.5% in the three months ended January 31, compared to the same period the year prior.

Gun sales in America following a typical pattern in which more buyers flock to buy weapons after a mass shooting or other incidents of nationally discussed violent crime.

One month after 14 people were gunned down in San Bernardino, California, President Obama issued an executive order intended to curb gun violence.

“Smaller handguns designed for concealed carry and personal protection are still very, very popular with the consumer here in the U.S.,” Smith & Wesson CEO James Debney said Thursday night in a conference call.

Debney says handgun sales are outpacing rifles and accounted for 75% of all sales for the quarter.

The company’s CEO said the shift to hand guns appears to match a “long-term trend toward personal protection.”

Smith & Wesson’s biggest increase has been in compact models that are popular in states with conceal and carry laws.

Gun sales in 2015 set a record as FBI background checks skyrocketed.

December, the month of the san Bernardino attack, was the biggest month for background checks.

High capacity magazines have been banned in eight states and military-style semiautomatic rifles now face various restrictions.

Shares at Smith & Wesson are up nearly 10% on news of the sales increase.

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Written by Peter Mondrose

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