Had A Bad Day: The Effects Of Mood On Work Performance


This is interesting. It turns out that getting a bad start in the morning can have an impact on your productivity. It isn't particularly surprising, but at the same time I think it is an idea we don't pay enough attention.

The researchers found that both positive and negative moods affect employee productivity, but that positive moods are more potent. Most importantly, they discovered, the mood you bring with you to work has a stronger effect on the day's mood — and on work performance — than mood changes caused by events in the workplace.

Nothing is worse than sitting at work and being preoccupied with something personal. It is difficult to focus and makes you unproductive. That is why I think nice little perks and flex time can do wonders for employee productivity. Sure, at some firms they only pay lip service to the idea. You can take off mid-day if you need to but ithen you are treated like a slacker.

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In the long run, encouraging vacations, rest, and taking care of personal business puts people in better moods and makes them more productive when they are working. And a productive employee does more in two hours than an unproductive one does all day.