Half of All Resumes Are Bogus

Inc has an article about resumes claiming that nearly half of them are bogus.

While much attention has been focused on performance-enhancing drugs in the sports world over the past few years, a new study shows that the business world may be suffering from even more cheating — at least when it comes to résumés.

RésuméDoctor.com, a South Burlington, Vt.-based résumé-counseling company, spent six months verifying dates of employment, job titles, and educational background on more than 1,000 résumés, and found that 42.7% had one or more significant errors. The study, which was the company's first, looked a résumés for positions ranging from entry level to executive.

Hat tip Jotzel, where the comment "companies put too much stock in resumes" was right on the money. Not that cheating is justified because of that, but it does provide strong incentives to do so. Over reliance on resumes is sort of a lazy heuristic that most companies have adopted because of the overwhelming number of them that they receive.

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