Has AMD Arrived?

We have heard it many times before, but now Andrew Park thinks AMD may be a real competitor.

AMD's stellar reputation with PC enthusiasts is also giving it a lift. Computer gamers who demand lots of horsepower have embraced AMD's Athlon64, a 64-bit microprocessor that Intel so far hasn't matched. And while that's a narrow niche, it may have created a halo effect that has enhanced its image with mainstream consumers. "There has been a recent glow," says IDC analyst Roger Kay.

The $64,000 question: Will AMD's recent retail success finally translate into acceptance in the corporate market? AMD has a small presence in business PCs, which accounted for 63% of total sales in the first quarter, according to IDC. And Dell, the top seller, remains an all-Intel shop.

I bet that Dell is using AMD chips within a year.

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