HBS and Church of the Customer on Morespace

HBS has a piece about Morespace. Jackie Huba also discusses the book at Church of the Customer. Here are some of her comments:

I've not finished the book yet I am:

* More excited about what we are doing here at The Church after reading rob_business May's piece on "Why Business Matters"

* Trying to be more personal and less business-y (or more authentic and less plastic) as Jory Des Jardins suggests in "The Inevitability of Authenticity"

* More organized by following the advice of Marc Orchant in "Work is Broken — Here's How We Fix It." Marc, you'll be glad to know that my email inbox is EMPTY as I write this.

And the HBS piece notes that:

There is a passion for work and business that comes through in each essay. And the stories are often highly personal. The writers talk about such varied subjects as how to resolve conflicting personal and business values, retooling business meetings to be more productive, and the importance of breakthrough experiences in ratcheting up personal performance.

What is so unique about MoreSpace is the personal nature of the essays, and the variety of topics and writing styles contained in the book. Go snag a copy or two for the business junkies on your Christmas List. They will thank you for it.

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