Kevin over at Truck and Barter has a good post on the quality and quantity of healthcare. He makes a good point that I think many people miss when they discuss the issue:

Simply put, we are spending more on healthcare because it increases the quality and quantity of human life. We spend more on healthcare now than ever before not because we need it more than before but becuase it it is more effective than it has ever been. We have high-cost means of prolonging life that never before existed. Instead of blood-letting we have heart bypass and angioplasty. Older people who consume a lot of healthcare, are still around becuase of the increased effectiveness of healthcare; a century ago our elderly would have been long dead.

When people talk about the high cost of prescription drugs, I always wonder "compared to what, dying?" Would it really be better if the evil pharmaceutical companies went out of business? No, because we would get no new medicines. But what people would like to see is lower profits for the industry. Why? Why do people consider health care a "right" instead of a choice? It's like any other purchase – you choose if the cost is worth the benefit.

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