Here Are The Top 50 Jobs In Tech And What They Pay

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Top Tech Jobs

Compensation may not be the only factor that determines your interest when looking for new jobs in tech. But it’s certainly one of the most important elements. Especially when it comes to recruiting the best technology professionals and convincing them to stay on board.

It’s crucial to understand the pros and cons of the different jobs in tech before hitting the market. More importantly it’s important to understand the experience and education level needed as a prerequisite before applying for a job. Finding a job may be easy, but being qualified for it is the hard part. Many jobs in tech require at least 5 years of experience in a similar position and at least a bachelors degree.

It’s also important to understand the duties of each role to determine which position is right for you. Many jobs in tech require employees to stretch into some difficult daily duties. Those roles typically come with a higher salary.

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Here are the top 50 jobs in tech and what they pay.

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Written by Dave Polykoff

Dave Polykoff is a tech entrepreneur, designer and writer with 6+ years in Product Development. Dave manages multiple start up companies, watches a movie a day, and likes all of your cat memes on Instagram. For more of Dave's micro thoughts check out his Twitter @DavePoly.