Here’s a video of a Panthers player confronting Odell Beckham Jr. with a bat

Odell Beckham Jr

A new video has surfaced that shows a Carolina Panthers player confronting Odell Bechkam Jr. of the New York Giants with a bat.

It’s a brief confrontation, but it appears that some words were exchanged before the man with the bat walks up to Beckham Jr.

The player is seen holding the bat at his side before Beckham appears to shove the player away before leaving the scene of the confrontation.

Beckham Jr. had one of the worst game of his career. He lost his cool on several occasions, receiving several unnecessary roughness penalties, including an including an ugly helmet-to-helmet cheap shot.

By Monday afternoon reports circulated that Odell Beckham Jr. felt threatened before Sunday’s game. He claimed that a Carolina Panthers player was carrying a baseball bat and using homophobic slurs.

Cris Carter, who spoke with Beckham Jr. says he can confirm that Panthers players threatened to end Beckham’s career.

Beckham Jr. was suspended by the NFL on Monday and is appealing that suspension.

Here’s the video: