Here’s Uber’s Plan To Screw Over Drivers Who Have A Complaint

Uber Arbitrage

Uber doesn’t cover benefits for drivers and without full-time or even part-time driver status, they also enjoy very few other additional benefits.

Not only are some “full-time” drivers not given health benefits, paid vacations, or other benefits, it also turns out they are hit with huge fees if they try to file legal action against Uber.

In a September 1 decision US District Court Judge Edward Chen in San Francisco granted class-action status to a lawsuit brought by two Uber drivers seeking reclassification as employees. They are seeking reimbursement for expenses and tips, which would open the door to a minimum wage, meal breaks, workers’ compensation, and unionization.

Uber has since filed a U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco to take up “the leading case raising urgent questions about the classification of sharing-economy workers.” The company argues that Uber drivers can work when they want with no set schedule.