2 high school students have created $3,000 ‘huts’ for the homeless

Homeless Huts

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Two high-school students in Stockton, California have created a low-cost micro-home that could be used to shelter the homeless. The “homeless huts” were designed as part of their final school project.

Norris Palmer and Austin Ortega, seniors the Engineering and Construction Academy at Lincoln High School, completed the first prototype of their Habitable Urban Tent (HUT) on May 19.

The HUT is 8 feet in all directions and is designed to be easily manufactured and shipped.

The young men created the hut to be easily assembled without additional tools.

The prototype Palmer and Ortega unveiled to their school, shown below, features metal panels and a wooden frame. future units will be made of high-density polyethylene plastic.

The young men say future units will be manufactured from high-density polyethylene plastic.

Homeless Huts for 3000 dollars

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The pyramid shape is used to cut down on surface area, which means less material is used and prices are reduced significantly.

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The primary use of the HUT is for sleeping and shelter so the young men maximized sleeping space.

Every HUT features carpet and a bed. They include a built-in sliding window for ventilation.

Huts for the homeless

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HUT’s include insulation between the structure’s wooden frame and outer metal panels.

Cheap homeless huts made by high school kids

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Palmer and Ortega’s prototype cost about $3,000 to build. They believe the next model could cost just $1,000 to manufacture.

“This could have a significant impact on the issue of homelessness in our community and beyond,” Ortega and Palmer’s instructor, Jeff Wright, told Recordnet. “These two students should be an inspiration to everyone.”

Palmer and Ortega have started a website devoted to the HUT and they are seeking out investors to help get their next generation model off the ground.

Written by Katie Henderson

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