Hillary Clinton is targeting Elizabeth Warren to be her running mate

Elizabeth Warren

Hillary Clinton has placed US Senator Elizabeth Warren on her short list to become her running mate for the Democratic presidential ticket, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

Warren is a progressive voice among Democrats. Sources close to Clinton say she will not ask Bernie Sanders to become her running mate.

This isn’t the first time the Massachusetts lawmaker has been hinted at. Sources told Reuters earlier this month that Warren was a likely VP choice for the Clinton campaign.

Clinton is the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for the November 8 presidential election, having won the last primary contest this week in the District of Columbia.

Although Clinton and Sanders met this week, the senator from Vermont does not plan to end his campaign or endorse Clinton at this time.

Other prospective running mates include US Labor Secretary Tom Perez and US Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro, according to the report.

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Other potential running mates include Senators Tim Kaine of Virginia, Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Cory Booker of New Jersey.

The Clinton campaign has not confirmed any rumored potential running mate choices at this time.

Elizabeth Warren threw her support behind Clinton last week.

Warren could help Clinton win over Sanders supporters from the party’s more liberal wing after a surprisingly protracted primary race.

Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

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