Holiday Brand Building

Here is a good article about tapping the holiday spirit to build your brand.

Regardless how large or small a business may be, the link between brand loyalty and holiday advertising lies in the emotionally rich traditions of the season — joy of family, keeping with tradition, and goodwill towards others. The entrepreneur's goal is to create an association with the happiest time of the year — and gain the benefits of seeing the season's good cheer transferred to his or her brand.

Coca-Cola has perfected this strategy. Each year, consumers look forward to the arrival of the famous, apple-cheeked Santa Claus, created in 1931 in by artist Haddon H. Sundblom. The annual campaign promotes an emotional response to the brand — a feeling of holiday nostalgia. A few generations later, Coke successfully introduced its politically correct, animated polar bears, which have become another tradition.

Coke is a strange example, at least to me anyway, because I think of it as a summer drink. I don't drink soft drinks that much, and in the winter I drink them even less. But getting back to the point of the article, I think it is a good idea. Making an emotional connection with the holidays and your brand is a good way to insure that you have long-term customers.

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