Hollywood Has-Beens for $19.95

This is an interesting business idea.

At HollywoodIsCalling.com, a scrappy-looking two-month-old Web site, all that's required is your credit card number or electronic check in the amount of $19.95, and within seven days you can expect to hear from one bona fide, if slightly faded, celebrity wishing you Happy Halloween, get well soon, or congratulations on your retirement. The 15-second phone call works out to over a dollar a second, which is, if you think about it, a small price to pay for the privilege of knowing that, for example, hunky Lorenzo Lamas is incredibly excited that you're turning 40.

I wonder what kind of fee people would pay to have popular stars call them? My guess is that some would pay hundreds of dollars. With all the celebrity worshippers out there, I wouldn't be surprised if some more popular celebs got into this. Needless to say, Businesspundit will never be shelling out money for this, unless Meg Ryan signs up.

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