Home-Sourcing and Demographic Changes

The post below made me think about whether or not an increase in working from home will have a significant impact on where people choose to live. There are still plenty of rural communities here in Kentucky. Many of them are very poor and as manufacturing and mining jobs decrease, the poverty level will probably keep rising. But, if the Internet, videoconferencing, cellphones, etc. can change the structure of work so that people no longer have to go the the office, will people still live in larger cities? Will more people move into these communities and raise their economic situation? Cheap housing, more land, peace and quiet, less traffic, less crime, and friendlier neighbors could be a big draw to the country for some people. Maybe each town could even have an office center that was heavily wired where independent contractors or off-site employees from all different companies could work if they didn't want to stay at home. "Moving Rural" could be the next demographic trend.

How Automation is Changing Jobs, Careers, and the Future Workplace