Hosted Exchange : Optimization & Organization

Microsoft Outlook Hosted Exchange Server is a godsend to companies looking to streamline communications as exchange server allows you to sync your Outlook based life across mobile devices and multiple PCs. From a business perspective, this is very useful as more and more work is done from the smartphone, from the car, from the bar and just about anywhere web access can be found.

With the addition of VOIP, Fax, shared contacts amongst management or employees, and shared calendars in the office, Exchange is a must have for any business.

Rackspace put together a good list of custom Outlook Exchange Rules that can be used to further organize the Hosted Exchange experience.

What are Exchange Rules?

Rules are a like having an awesome secretary who knows when to put your calls through and when to tell the person calling that you’re at the dentist. Really, besides using Hosted Exchange to get rid of the headaches associated with running your own mail server, Outlook rules are one of the simplest things you can do to get back to doing the things that matter.

Top 8 Rules You Can Use To Get Organized in Microsoft Outlook

1. File any email where my name is CC:d in the “My CC:’d emails” folder
2. File any email where I am the only recipient in the “Me, Myself and I” folder
3. File any email sent with high importance in the “Quick, the house is burning down” folder and flag for follow-up (just in case you missed it coming in)
4. File any email from my wife or husband or significant other or, oh…you get the point, in the “Love of My Life” folder
5. File any email with the word “Project” in the subject in the “My Projects” folder
6. Flag any email from my boss as high importance
7. Flag any email from my boss as low importance (Hey, we’ve all got different bosses, so wasn’t sure which you’d prefer!)
8. Delay delivery of all emails except those marked as high importance by 1 minute—just in case I said something I’ll regret

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