Hot Men’s Gift This Valentine’s Day: 3D Underwear


I can never pass up a bit of hot underwear news. This Valentine’s Day Jockey is promoting its new line of 3D-Innovations underwear for him. So just what is 3D underwear?

Marketing via Word Association

When I think 3D, I think of those red and green paper glasses, really bad B movies, and things leaping out at me. I’m guessing it was that last one that Jockey’s marketing department was banking on when they came up with the working for the new underwear line. However, sadly, the new underwear hold no special powers to make things leap off the cotton, or even make objects appear larger than they actually are.

According to the company, it’s all very scientific:

“Jockey analyzed thousands of body scans to develop the technologically-advanced 3D-Innovations collection, which features a unique eight-way stretch construction for maximum mobility and comfort. Jockey’s 3D-Innovations Boxer Brief provides a gentle hold and form-flattering fit that is stylish and practical. Pair with a matching 3D-Innovations Henley and he’ll be ready to lounge with his significant other in style.”

Well, at least he’ll enjoy maximum mobility and a gentle hold. All the ladies have to look forward to in their new product line, Mini, is is a ‘flirty, youthful fit’.

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If you’re going to buy your mate underwear as a Valentine’s Day gift, just be careful. Some of those 3D images can be awfully nauseating!

Image Credit: Nadya Peek, Flickr