How Awesome is Your Work Environment?


Last night I took my family to party that held at the offices of an advertising agency. Color filled the walls, toys overflowed on desks and shelving, and the main space was open, with vibrant individual work areas arranged at angles around the room. One conference room was called the ‘Imaginarium’. It had comfortable seating and one whole wall made of material that could be written on like a white board. There were signs everywhere for a staff party day – hula skirt optional.

Our reaction went like this:

Me: Wow, what a fun place to work!

My Kids: Wow, I want to work here. You get to play all day!

My Husband: Wow, how do they get any work done?

I suspect that in between games of shuffleboard and basketball they get a little work done. I’m sure they don’t spend the entire day sitting on the ‘comfie’ furniture watching TV on the big screen. And I know the environment must make them effective or else their offices would look the way so many other companies’ lifeless cube farms do.

My husband works in manufacturing, which is a little lower on the creativity continuum. His team is all about the numbers. But they also need to come up with creative solutions to creating greater efficiency and cutting costs and making sure nobody loses a finger in the machinery. So maybe a little color would help them too.

Not all of us can do our jobs in such an exciting environment full time, but I think a little ‘Imaginarium’ could go a long way in a lot of industries.

What do you think? Are creative work spaces only for creatives?

Image Credit: txd, Flickr